Caving Website

As a former member of the armed forces and an avid caver I thought it would be great to resurrect this site to help others in making the decision to join this awesome sport. Although some do not think of Caving as a sport can be just as exciting (full of adrenaline) as any other extreme sport.

The original army caving association was formed in 1977 and incorporated elements from the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and the Army. This allowed cavers from different military divisions to come together for exciting caving events.

The association was initially set up with four defined initiatives that included a simple way to arrange caving expeditions, support for new and aspiring cavers, research and advancement into the sport as well as military advice when conduction operations in mountainous terrain.

Over the years the association has arranged trips spanning the world continents from Canada to Mexico with many other exciting expeditions conducted.

After spending several years in the Navy I found my love of caving to be close to my heart. I decided to setup a small club where I regularly train new members in the most important aspect, which is safety.

Learning to safely navigate caves can take some time as there is much to learn. Learning how to explore vertical and non-vertical systems are both specific skills and require a different approach. Another important aspect is making sure you are aware and prepared for the environment at all times – this can be the difference between life and death!

The club is not based in one place as I enjoy traveling so much so I generally arrange training and tours in different countries well in advance.

If you are interested in learning more about caving and even perhaps attending a training session when I am in your area then please contact me via the contact page for more information.